Residential & Commercial Pest Services

Eradication and preventative pest management are important to the overall health of your home or office. Enviroscapes Plus, Inc. handles a variety of pests, such as the plant devastating White Fly, to keep you and yours safe. We also tackle plant destroying fungi and problematic mold.


Government Services

Enviroscapes Plus, Inc. works with cities and counties to keep government buildings and properties, such as parks and public buildings, pest free. Enviroscapes Plus, Inc is available for new contracts with local cities. We also offer Palm Tree maintenance for government contracts.


Palm Tree Maintenance

Palm trees require pruning and trimming maintenance to the bark and frocks to keep them from becoming an unsightly damaged or dying hazard. Let us come out and inspect your trees for you. We can determine the best method to either safely remove the tree or treat it to improve its health and bring it back to its former glory.

  • by John Edward Smith

    Enviroscapes Plus did a wonderful job at saving our bird of paradise after it had whitefly damage. We highly recommend.

  • by Leonard Witz

    John and Enviroscapes Plus takes great care of our office. He is very professional and wonderful to work with. Give him a call, you won’t be disappointed.