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Our mission is to protect your real estate investment by providing the best environmentally friendly pest control and fertilization services in the industry. Protecting your property from damaging insects, diseases, mold, and fungus is our goal. Enviroscapes Plus owner, Johnny Cannon, is a Florida native with over 25 years plus local experience. We have serviced 1000’s of residential homes, hundreds of commercial properties, and many government contracts, such as Hyatt Regency Pier 66, Stiles Property Management, and City of Hollywood are just a few. Enviroscapes Plus offers Guaranteed Results with unlimited service calls until complete satisfaction is achieved.


    Pest Control Firm # JB18396
    Certified Operator # JE82290
    Commercial Applicator License # CM12514 Categories 5A, 3, 21

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    Certified Arborist FL-0758A

    Since May 12, 2001

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    Broward County Tree Trimmer A Certification License # A-1039

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    Best Management Practices, Florida Green Industries
    Certificate Number: GV2059-1
    Issue Date: 01/25/08
    Hazardous Material Operations, OSHA Level II, United Agri Products
    Issue Date: 02/19/08

    Featured in Landscape Management Magazine

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    Enviroscapes Plus, Inc

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    Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

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